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UPDATE 2.67! (Added 11 Oct 2017)

The Lost Media Chronicles episode 50 - Doctor Who
Lost Media Chronicles 50 Episode Special (Part 1)
Lost Media Chronicles 50 Episode Special (Part 2)
Professional douchebag Martin Shkreli posing with the probably-unofficial album
The Duck complete test footage (courtesy of Uli Meyer)
Howard Ashman's Aladdin treatment front cover (courtesy of anonymous)
Doraemon ’73 "Cursing Camera" script front cover (courtesy of SOOPER NINTENDO)
Radiohead's "On A Friday" demo (complete; courtesy of Andrew Peterson and klootme
Machot drives it all... advertisement (NSFW; courtesy of retrocgads)

What's up guys, dycaite here for the first time in what feels like forever - apologies for my absence of late. In any case, here I am with another big lot of updates for you all to dig into!

  • Firstly, let's catch up with The Shoegazer! Hitting it's 50th episode milestone, the Lost Media Chronicles is back to cover one of the most heavily requested subjects yet - the infamous lost Doctor Who episodes! Additionally, Randy has released a 2 part retrospective special on the series where he goes back over the past 50 episodes addressing any updates and corrections. All 3 videos can be seen above; thanks for the continued great work Randy!
  • The complete test footage for Uli Meyer's The Duck has been found! Uploaded to Vimeo by Meyer himself about a week ago, the 9 minutes of footage finally reveals the extent of the project, and in excellent quality no less! Huge thanks to Uli for sharing this with the world; the complete test footage from The Duck can be seen above!
  • This next case concerns the generosity of a certain LMW contributor who absolutely deserves recognition and thanks for his efforts. Discord regular SOOPER NINTENDO selflessly spent $300 of his birthday money on three Doraemon ’73 scripts from Japan (that is, the scripts for the episodes "Cursing Camera", "Duel! Nobita And Gian" and "Who Am I"), before scanning them and sharing them with the community! The "Cursing Camera" script scans can be found here in their entirety, while the majority of the pages from the "Duel! Nobita And Gian" script can be found here, with the remaining pages to follow in due time, along with the script for "Who Am I"; big, big thanks to SOOPER for going to such efforts to secure and make available these pieces of animation history, max kudos to you!
  • Radiohead's "On A Friday" demo tape (On A Friday being the then-name of the band), oft-cited as the holy grail of Radiohead rarities, has been found in its entirety! In early August, the entire demo tape was uploaded by YouTuber Andrew Peterson, who had in turn sourced the tracks from fellow YouTuber klootme; thanks guys, this is certainly an interesting look at the early days of this groundbreaking group! You can listen to the demo via the above embed, or download it directly here!
  • For the longest time, there was a lost game known simply as "The First hardcore erotic Game in the world!" (P.S. this page is NSFW but that kind of goes without saying); well, now, thanks to the uncovering of a new (or should I say old) advertisement for the game, we finally know the title, Machot drives it all...! The ad in question can be seen above, or at a higher resolution here; big thanks to retrocgads at tumblr for the provision of the ad and to LMW contributor Sylphelle for bringing it to our attention!
  • Two notice board posts ago we reported that LMW contributor TayoEXE had managed to find a VHS recorded copy of the original English dub of Disney's Coyote Tales; we're happy to inform that the film has since been uploaded in its entirety and can be downloaded here! Big thanks to TayoEXE for coming through for us, your efforts are to be commended!
  • And finally, I'd like to leave you all with an awesome story of something that happened on Reddit recently. In a thread about things that others have seen vanish from the internet, one user recalled a track from yesteryear that they could no longer found online, the track in question being "New Noise" by This Year's Black. By sheer luck, or coincidence, or fate, or whatever you wanna call it, someone who used to be in the band unintentionally came across the post and provided the lost song! I just think stories like this are really great and it goes to show just how small of a world it is that we live in. The take-away message here is to keep hunting - you never know when the creator of a work might be made privvy to your search efforts!

That's gunna do it for this massive post, here's hoping I can get myself back into the swing of publishing notice boards on a bi-monthly or tri-monthly basis instead of just once a month, and, again, sincere thanks for putting up with my delays and absences, I appreciate the understanding and support a whole lot. Take it easy guys!


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