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Notice board

HAPPY 5 YEARS OF LMW! (Added 30 Nov 2017)

30th nov lmw birthday.png

Whhhat's up guys, I'm dycaite and today's notice board post is a very special one, because it marks the 5th anniversary of the Lost Media Wiki!

It's hard to believe it's already been 5 whole years, but it has, and the things we have done as a community in that time have been nothing short of incredible. I touched on this briefly in the previous notice board post, but now it's well and truly time for me to get all sappy:

Without the amazing community of kind, hard working people here, the site would not be where it is today, period. A site like this only has longevity if it has a dedicated community behind it, and I honestly think we have one of the best communities on the internet; that is perhaps the thing that I am most proud of, having been able to bring together such a fine group of people, many of whom I am now privileged to be able to call my friends, some even best friends. So, thank you, all of you, for making the LMW what it is today. From the bottom of my heart, your support means a great deal me.

I wanna give a special thanks to all the staff and collaborators, old and new (including our newest mod-to-admin promotee SpooferJahk, please make him welcome in his new role), whose tireless unpaid work not only helps keep the site looking great and having a steady flow of new content, but also helps keep me from going under when things get tough; I value each and every one of you more than I can say.

I also wanna give a special shout out to our Patreon supporters - 2017 has been a financially strenuous year for me, and you guys have helped ensure that the wiki has stayed online all year round, for which I am immensely grateful.

Thank you to all the Discord regulars, for giving me somewhere to fit in just about every single day and be able to talk comfortably and be myself without having to worry about doing something embarrassing, and to all the people who have sent messages of encouragement over the years.

Thank you to everyone who believed that we could make an independently hosted LMW a reality and who stuck by our side during the more turbulent times.

Last but not least I wanna thank those of you who have been there for me on an emotional level (you guys know who you are); jumping into this journey of running a website was a brand new endeavour for me - never in my wildest dreams did I ever think the site would get this big, and I admittedly still have a lot to learn; it hasn't always been easy, but you guys have inspired me to keep the ball rolling and that is exactly what I intend to do for the foreseeable future.

These past 5 years have been an experience like no other, one that I wouldn't trade for the world; so here's to 50 more! :D

Before I close out today's post, we must of course go over the latest findings! Thanks to my rambling this post has probably gone on long enough, so let's get straight down to business (in no particular order)!

Drake and Josh pilot clip collection (courtesy of Dan Schneider and afx6010)
First 4 minutes from the ZOOM pilot (courtesy of Hayley and ZOOMfan1)
Restored Pokémon Learning League "Online Safety" (courtesy of Gilblitz112 and LARG)
Doraemon "Virtual Holographic" English dub (courtesy of Zarif Da Vocaloid)
"The Sounds Of The Secret Show" screenshot (courtesy of MK Inst)
Phelous' Wabuu the Little Raccoon English dub review
  • A montage of clips from the original Drake and Josh pilot has been found! The video, originally uploaded to YouTube by series creator Dan Schneider but soon thereafter made private, was found by LMW user afx6010, who discovered a link to the clip in question, downloaded it and mirrored it via MEGA! Big thanks to afx6010c for this discovery! A public YouTube mirror can be seen above.
  • 4 minutes from the ZOOM test pilot have been found! Thanks for this one go out to Hayley, who appeared as a child in said pilot, and recorded a few minutes of it for YouTuber ZOOMfan1, who uploaded it, as seen above! Thanks guys!
  • The Pokémon Learning League "Online Safety" episode has been recovered and restored! Props go to LMW user Gilblitz112 for locating the original via an old, joke-edited .swf file, and to YouTuber LARG for re-editing it back to its original state (or, as close as was possible); you can check it out above!
  • The English dub of Dingo Pictures' Wabuu the Little Raccoon has been acquired by YouTuber Phelous, who has uploaded portions of said dub in a recent review, seen above; thanks Phelous! Here's hoping the full thing sees the light of day soon!

Special thanks go to Reynard (aka Gaucelm) for today's celebration artwork and to Ryan for helping us keep track of the recent finds!

That's it for this one, until next time I hope you all have a great run up to the holiday season and just, once again, thanks to each and every one of you for being a part of this community and making it what it is today; it wouldn't be here without you guys.

Cya 'round!


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