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INTRODUCING LMW 3.0! (Added 02 Feb 2018)


What's up guys, it's me, dycaite, and you'll no doubt have noticed that some BIG changes have been taking place around the wiki of late! To that end, we feel like enough has changed to warrant classifying this as the site's third revision and it brings many improvements and user-wanted features with it, including:

  • A brand new skin, customised from the ground up specifically for the LMW
  • A much more responsive mobile layout
  • Improved video embed code
  • Improved comments extension (you can edit and delete your own comments now!)
  • Many smaller and behind-the-scenes errors fixed
  • All new 'Featured' section
  • More!

There are still tweaks to be done and fixes to be made to certain things, but the skin and upgrades are developed far enough along that we are comfortable releasing them to the wild :D

There are two people that, without whom this wouldn't have been possible, and those people are Anton (the highly talented MediaWiki pro on Upwork who put everything together for me and who has been more than helpful with ideas and in getting the wiki up to the standard I envisioned for this new iteration) and Commander Santa (whose hugely generous $1,000 donation following the uncovering of Clock Man was used and will continue to be used to finance these upgrades), I can't thank you two enough, I am absolutely blown away by the results and I think most users would agree that its a vast improvement over the old version.

Special thanks to Reynard for the new logos!

That's it for now, if you come across any bugs or anomalies with the new skin/upgrades (like I said, it does still require a small amount of work) please let either myself or another staff member know; thanks guys, catch ya's next time!


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