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Notice board

UPDATE 3.04! (Added 15 Jun 2018)
Made in Point Richmond menu intro (first in a playlist)
TheJWittz's video highlighting beta/unused Pokemon
Bedhead Bernie's Freaky Flickers mini-documentary
Saint's playthrough of Zeddas: Horror Tour 3 / Labyrinthe
2 hours and 40 minutes of Socks the Cat gameplay
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective episode "Circus Ace"
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective episode "The Cat Who Paints"

What's up guys, dycaite here with another long overdue notice board post; apologies for the delay (you're probably sick of hearing that by now, but life has a habit of getting in the way of these things, y'know? ^_^'). Anyway there's a bunch to get through today so that's more than enough waffling from me, let's get straight into it:

  • Pixar's Made in Point Richmond DVD has been found! The infamously hard to find DVD (a collection of rare Pixar animations that was never officially released, but rather given to Pixar employees as a gift in 2001) showed up online last month courtesy of LMW user jaret35 (aka ayeayematey), in the form of an encrypted iso (a decrypted version has since been made by contributor TOMYSSHADOW and can be found here on MEGA, or here on Google Drive)! If isos aren't your thing, you can start streaming via the above embed (the first video in a playlist of the DVD's contents, via YouTuber The Collective Animation Archive). Big thanks to jaret35 for the provision of the iso and to both TOMYSSHADOW and The Collective Animation Archive for making its contents more widely available!
  • The 1997 Pokemon Gold & Silver Space World demo has been dumped online! Anonymously leaked on 4chan late last month, the ROM went on to make quite a splash in the world of Pokemon fandom (and the gaming world in general) due to it containing a large variety of unused/beta Pokemon; a video showcasing some of these Pokemon can be seen above courtesy of YouTuber TheJWittz (P.S. cheers for listing us as one of your references)! The ROM itself can be downloaded here via The Cutting Room Floor; big thanks to everyone involved in getting this piece of gaming history out to the public and making sure it's preserved for generations to come!
  • Our good friend Bedhead Bernie has been hard at work on a mini-documentary about the troubled production of the unreleased 2009 3D animated film (once TV series) Freaky Flickers: Quest for the Golden Flicker and as of today the documentary is available for viewing via his YouTube channel! You can catch it via the above embed; be sure to give a like and a sub to Bedhead Bernie for more content like this, it would have taken copious amounts of time and original research to put this together and the whole story is surprisingly engaging, despite the nature of the film in question (and you might even hear a familiar voice or two). Great work, Bernie and co.! P.S. You can catch the script for the original TV pilot episode here.
  • The 90s rarity that is Japanese puzzle/horror game Zeddas Horror Tour 3 / Labyrinthe has been found and released online, and under some pretty extraordinary circumstances! YouTuber Saint is said to have discovered a folder on an unnamed private torrent tracker marked "DO NOT UPLOAD", which contained no less than 70 Japanese gaming rarities (yes, 70, you are not misreading that), most notably including the highly sought after Zeddas 2 sequel. While Saint hasn't made the entirety of the folder's contents public (at least as of this writing), he has provided a link to arguably the most revered of the bunch, Zeddas Horror Tour 3 / Labyrinthe, which can be found here (for both Windows and Mac)! Big thanks to the original ripper/uploader and to Saint for making it available to the public; here's hoping he didn't cop too much flak for having done so (exclusive sharing is always such a touchy subject)~
  • If you've been keeping up with Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill news, you'll no doubt know that the once-lost 90s game featuring none other than Bill Clinton's late cat Socks recently received a limited revival in the form of crowdfunded reproduction carts. Well now, the ROM has finally hit the internet, for those who do not have any other means of playing it! The ROM can be downloaded here, courtesy of OLDSKOOL; thanks!
  • Two more episodes of the animated Ace Ventura: Pet Detective series have been found! The episodes "Circus Ace" and "The Cat Who Paints" were last month emailed to The Lost Cartoons Archive by a man named Dan Vzare, allegedly sourced from a now-defunct torrent site, years ago. You can catch "Circus Ace" and "The Cat Who Paints" above via The Lost Cartoons Archive's YouTube channel; big thanks to Dan Vzare and The Lost Cartoons Archive for the provision of these rare installments!
  • In one more quick piece of gaming news, the once-free 2006 educational game NanoQuest has been recovered! The last known working executable of the game (originally a free to download title) was recently acquired by the folks at Twitch channel Gatorbox and has been shared online by them as of earlier this month! You can download it here; thanks Gatorbox!

That's a wrap for this notice board, was there anything big I missed? If so, hit me up on either the LMW forums or Discord and I'll make some amendments. Take it easy!


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