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UPDATE 3.05: COLLABORATORS! (Added 08 Aug 2018)
blameitonjorge's new video
LSuperSonicQ's new video
Bedhead Bernie's new video
Intro to Osamu Sato's The Esoteric Retina
Episode 1 of The Bush Baby's English dub
Mickey Mouse in Vietnam's original audio

A note from dycaite: Sorry about the custom forums link being inaccessible for the past few days, ProBoards changed how their DNS settings worked - back up and running now.

Buenos días, muchacha latas, it’s about that time again! As there is no dilly-dallying allowed in this household, let’s jump straight to the big news – we’ve got some new video collaborators on board! You probably already know them, but give a warm welcome to blameitonjorge, LSuperSonicQ, and Bedhead Bernie! From now on their lost media videos will be featured on the new Collaborators pages, as well as in future announcements and notice board posts. All of them are very talented at what they do, so be sure to check them out if you haven’t already!

Now, on to the recent finds:

  • First off, a pretty major one (in my opinion) – a copy of the long-lost Osamu Sato VCD The Esoteric Retina finally popped up in the form of an eBay auction, and user Swazaaa managed to grab it and put its contents online for all to see. The final bid came in at $717 USD, so let’s give a huge, HUGE thanks to them and the rest of the Osamu Sato community for pulling this together! The videos can be seen above on his YouTube account, or a full disc image with scans can be downloaded here.
  • After years of being completely lost, the entire English dub of the 1993 anime series The Bush Baby has been uploaded by YouTuber Azunyan! Reportedly, it was one of their favorite shows as a kid in the 90s, so their mom had worked tirelessly to get all 40 episodes recorded on VHS so they could still watch it years later – impressive foresight, to say the least. Major thanks to them for taking the effort to share their childhood with the rest of us!
  • Four episodes of the lost sitcom 13 Queens Boulevard have been uploaded by LMW user gilblitz112/Mitchell's Archive! These are the first full episodes from the series to surface, so big thanks to him and his acquaintance for supplying him with them!
  • Out of nowhere, programmer Les Bird discovered the source code for Codename Kids Next Door: Operation B.E.S.T. in his archives and found a way to get it running in an offline state. He uploaded 2 videos of gameplay before uploading the game to his website, so big thanks for doing that dude! We appreciate it.
  • Volume 4 of the obscure VHS series M3D has been ripped and uploaded by LMW user TonyFunStuff. It can be viewed here. Thank you!
  • The 2002 mobile game Munkiki's Castles has been technically found for over a year now, but it’s been completely inaccessible as there were no emulators capable of running it. Well, not anymore! After a May update, the emulator FreeJ2ME is now fully able to emulate the game, officially closing this case.
  • Another episode of the elusive puppet series Welcome to Pooh Corner has surfaced! It can be viewed here, thank you to Donut Smasher for uploading it.
  • LMW volunteer Bisou5 has ripped and uploaded the pilot of the 1975 series Kate McShane, sourced from an unofficial DVD release. The pilot is now available on for all to view, so thank you for that Bisou!
  • For years, we thought Mickey Mouse in Vietnam had been found. Well, turns out it wasn't completely found and it also wasn't only titled Mickey Mouse in Vietnam. VHS archivist CDCB2 found a copy of the full short with its original soundtrack and opening/closing titles on a tape his friend sent him, and has graciously uploaded it! From this, we can see that the original title appears to be Short Subject. Thank you so much for finding what we didn't even think existed! A raw copy of the clip can be found here.
  • Last but not least, after many months of dedicated searching for it, LMW user DaKoolDood finally found the lost South Park game for Game Boy Color! As the game was never released, this ROM comes from one of the developers, David Theodore, who still had a copy and shared it with him. Big thanks to DaKoolDood for his efforts in finding it, and to David Theodore for sharing it with him!

One last thing I want to mention, as less of a find and more of an update: two Osamu Tezuka films we have articles relating to, A Thousand and One Nights and Cleopatra (both articles NSFW), have been reissued on DVD and Blu-Ray by distributor Third Window Films as part of their Animerama series. Unfortunately, this only includes the original Japanese-language versions with subtitles, leaving the former’s English dub lost and the latter’s English dub existence-unconfirmed. Still, definitely check out the release if you’re interested in these films.

That’s all for this time, I have to get back to my billion dollar mansion with my 17 Ferraris and eat caviar or something 😎😎😎😎. See you next time!


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