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Notice board

UPDATE 3.06: WHOOPS! (Added 14 Nov 2018)
LSuperSonicQ - Chowder TV Movie
Bedhead Bernie - Guillermo Del Toro's Pinocchio
LSuperSonicQ - ABC's Dot Comedy
LSuperSonicQ - Sesame Street #847
blameitonjorge - Top 13 Lost Horror Films
Clip from "This Is Your Life, Bear!"
'A Nightmare On My Street' Music Video

Hey, wake up. Listen closely: can you hear me? You need to snap out of it – you’ve been in a coma for 3 months.

Oh, wait, that was me. Yeah, once again, sorry for the huge delay. No excuses. But it’s here now, and that’s the important part, right? Sure, let’s go with that.

First off: our collaborators have new videos out! Bedhead Bernie has a video on Guillermo Del Toro's cancelled adaptation of Pinocchio, blameitonjorge has a video detailing 13 lost horror films, and LSuperSonicQ has 3 new lost media videos about the cancelled Chowder TV movie, ABC’s Dot Comedy, and the infamous Wicked Witch episode of Sesame Street. Be sure to check them out above!

Now for the finds! Sorry for the terse writing and also for leaving out more minor finds; if I was as detailed as I wanted, this would be novel-length, but here’s a pre-emptive THANK YOU to everyone involved!:

That’s it – really, finally. To say it again: THANK YOU to all the aforementioned people! Gonna go back into my cocoon for a while now. So long, dear friends!


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