Hotel Zum letzten Kliff (partially found German reboot of Fawlty Towers; 2001)

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Status: Partially Found

Hotel Zum letzten Kliff was a 2001 German remake of Fawlty Towers. 11 of the 12 original episodes were remade (just try to guess which one wasn't included) by RTL. It was the only remake to consult John Cleese, the writer and title role of the original BBC classic. Of the many remake attempts (e.g. Snavely), this was the only one that he approved of, he even said they'd done it "superbly". Reportedly, he appears in a cameo in one of the unaired episodes.

Apart from the pilot, no other episode was ever aired. The material can be seen briefly in Fawlty Towers Re-opened, a 2009 retrospective on the original, and in Dmitri Alexandrov's demo reel on YouTube. RTL does not sell on-demand copies (as some German public channels do). Writing to them in German asking for it to see the light of day seems to be the only option at this time.

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Dmitri Alexandrov's demo reel.

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