ICarly "How To" (found bonus content DVD; 2011)

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The packaging, which mentions the "how to" DVD.

Status: Lost

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iCarly is an Nickelodeon TV sitcom that originally aired from 2007-2012. The show is about a teenage girl named Carly Shay, who hosts a web show with her friends Sam Puckett and Freddy Benson.

The Set[edit | edit source]

One piece of merchandise spawned by the show was a "Web Show Set", including 4 sets replicating those seen on the show, 8 character pieces, 9 prop pieces and a "how to" DVD according to the box. These pages also state a product release date of 10th December 2016, though considering the original release dates of the television show this seems unlikely.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

As of 2020, the DVD "how to" content is lost, with the iCarly Out Of Context twitter account heading the search. Some content which [i]may[/i] be from the DVD is available on YouTube but it's unconfirmed if this is the DVD content.

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