Ice Age (lost original ending of animated film; 2002)

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A poster for Ice Age, featuring the cut character Sylvia.

Status: Lost

Ice Age is a 2002 film created by Blue Sky Studios and Distributed by 20th Century Fox. In the final version of the film, Diego the tiger is seen "dying," leaving Sid the sloth and Manny the mammoth to deliver Roshan, a human baby, to his human tribe alone. However, Diego is later seen to come back to Sid and Manny, using the "Cats have 9 lives" excuse for his "death." They then migrate South together. However, the film originally had an ending that was different from the ending in the version seen today.


The original cut of the film had a character that was completely cut in the final cut, Sylvia, a female Megalonyx voiced by comedian Kristen Johnson. She was cut very late in production and her scenes were almost completely finished. She would've had 3 scenes. One scene that introduces her and Sid, revealing Sid to dislike her, and another scene where Sid pretends to be eaten by Diego to get away from her (This scene was kept in the final film, but was altered to Remove Sylvia and have Sid being chased by 2 rhinos from earlier in the film.) Additionally, there was also an alternate version of the introduction scene where Sid cons 3 aardvarks. These scenes can be found on Disc 2 of the 2002 DVD release of the film.

The Original Ending

In the DVD commentary by Chris Wedge on one of the deleted scenes featuring her, he mentions the original ending of the film. In the original ending, Diego the tiger actually dies and does not return to Sid and Manny, leaving Sid and Manny to travel South alone. They reach the beach where all of the mammals have ended up in, and Sid meets Sylvia there. Sid grows more mature after witnessing the death of Diego, and acts much nicer to her, asking to be her mate.


These scenes were seen in test screenings of the film. The audience reacted to Diego's death negatively, so that was changed to Diego coming back later and revealing the "9 Lives" excuse. Every scene featuring Sylvia was either altered or cut due to them distracting from the main plot and making Sid too unlikable of a character. While most of the deleted scenes are found on the second disc of the DVD, the original ending scene was not featured and cannot be seen. However, because Ice Age is still a popular franchise today, there's still a chance this scene could be featured on a future home media/digital release.

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