Il Trenino nel Pianeta Favola (partially lost various dubs for Italian animated film; 1980-1985)

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A poster for the movie.

Status: Partially Found

Il Trenino nel Pianeta Favola is an Italian children's film released in 1980 that was produced and distributed by URBS Film. It appears to be an edited version of a short series titled Il Trenino delle Favole.

In 1985, Harmony Gold released an English dub of this movie titled The Little Train. The dub's only known home video release was in the UK as part of the "Kids Cartoon Collection" and again as a standard release by MasterVision. A Mexican Spanish dub titled El Pequeño Tren was released in the US on VHS. There also exists a Greek dub titled λίγο τρενο and a Hebrew dub titled רכבת הקסמים.

Out of all the dubs listed, only the trailer and a small clip of the Greek dub are found.

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Video[edit | edit source]

The trailer for the Greek version of the movie.