JBVO, Toon FM & Viva Las Bravo (partially found block interstitials; early-mid 2000s)

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Status: Partially Found

JBVO was a spin-off of Johnny Bravo that ran for one season from April 2, 2000, to May 21, 2001, on Sundays. It was a programming block hosted by Johnny, who would take in viewer requests on which cartoons to air and sometimes alongside some infrequent Cartoon Network guests like Chicken (from Cow & Chicken). They would be requested through write-ins to the show or through the Cartoon Network website, and it could be any cartoon from Cartoon Network's library, with the exception of half-hour shows (there was one episode where a caller by the name of "Jennifer" requested an episode of Dragon Ball Z, and it was played at twice the speed through with Johnny only giving expositional commentary, to which he later apologized for).

Like The Moxy Show, it was another one of Cartoon Network's attempts at a hosted cartoon show and was close to having a "live" cartoon character, and it also ironically premiered shortly after The Moxy Show had ended (in fact, the day after reruns of said show's episodes ended). And like The Moxy Show, it was arguably unsuccessful, lasting a single season in episodes for a year, before cancellation. It's also received little in the way of resurfacing; nothing of it has been seen since on the airwaves and because the episodes may have only aired on their initial premiere (possibly, as they would have their own air date said and were properly "call-in" based like real talk shows) it can be presumed that they wouldn't have been on the air long enough for most people to record. Very little else of it exists online, besides a few episodes, segments, and promos. Out of interest, the website for the show can be found here.

In the UK, there existed Toon FM, which also involved Johnny Bravo hosting from a similar set to JBVO but live from Tokyo, with Brak of Space Ghost also being there, cartoon Godzilla giving the weather, prizes to be won and karaoke sung by Johnny and Brak. All that is knowingly available is a commercial for it.

Similarly, a spin-off of the spin-off itself would be "Viva Las Bravo", aired as a summer programming block, in certain European variants of Cartoon Network in 2005 and 2006. Every day, Johnny would announce three cartoons for voting through either email or CartoonNetworkHQ.net to then be shown the next day for two hours, while he would also constantly appear in commercial breaks either cracking jokes or answering hilarious emails and phone calls. Very little of this block has resurfaced either besides an incomplete promo. In which, it sounds like Johnny's voiced by not Jeff Bennett, but perhaps Marc Silk, Johnny's UK voice actor. Not only does his website list his role as "Cartoon Network JBVO", but a reel[1] of his displays Johnny Bravo imagery, one of which says "The Big Bravo" and "JBVO Live" and the other featuring the Toon FM logo multiple times in the background. So perhaps he voiced Johnny for both this and Toon FM.

UPDATE: Another full episode (this time with cartoons included), from May 2001, has resurfaced last year and can be downloaded here, courtesy of RetroCCN. (See YouTube video down below)

UPDATE 6/17/17 A full episode of JBVO has resurfaced (without the cartoons playing) from June 2001 today from YouTube user Captain B. Zarre.

Episodes and Clips

An episode from May 2001, courtesy of Cartoon Continuity Network and RetroCCN (Full episode available for download).
An episode from June 10, 2001, courtesy of Captain B. Zarre (complete with commercials).
An episode from October 22, 2000, courtesy of 90sCartoonNetwork.
JBVO Host Segments from August 6, 2000.
An opening segment from one of the episodes.
A clip from the show, featuring Johnny asking a sent-in question.
A 5 second clip containing Dragon Ball Z and Looney Tunes.


An episode from October 22, 2000, courtesy of 90sCartoonNetwork.
JBVO new show promo.
A JBVO promo.
Another JBVO promo.
Another JBVO promo.
A JBVO promo from September 10, 2000 (starts at 7:58).
A JBVO promo from November 19, 2000.
A JVBO promo from March 18, 2001 (starts at 2:00).
JBVO Hour Special promo.
Toon FM commercial.
Viva Las Bravo block promo (Incomplete).

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