Jimmy Two-Shoes (lost test pilot of Canadian children's animated TV series; 2006)

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the show's title card.

Status: Lost

Jimmy Two-Shoes was a 2009-2011 children's television show created by Edward Kay and Sean Scott about a young 14 year-old boy who lived in Miseryville - an area of doom and as the name of the town mentions, misery.

An original pilot that was created in 2006 was VERY different from the final version and revealed that the show was intended for an older audience at first; the series would take place in Hell. Heinous was a demon named Lucifier, and Heloise was be the spirit of a serial killer who was sent to Hell.

It is believed that Charlie Schlatter was the voice of Jimmy, and Jessica DiCicco the voice of Heloise.

Plot [edit | edit source]

The pilot was about the main character Jimmy getting hit by a bus. He was killed from his injuries, and was accidentally sent to Hell. Hell seems to be a fun place in Jimmy's eyes, but it doesn't quite seem to be the place he is thinking of. The existence of this pilot is well known, but no video copies have been known to exist. It is unknown how people know about the plot of the pilot.

Gallery[edit | edit source]