Jingaroo (partially found direct-to-video animated series; 1998-1999)

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The characters.

Status: Lost

Jingaroo was a direct-to-video 1999 animated series from Australia. It was co-created by Mark Stokes of Beckett Entertainment,[1] and produced by DNA Productions (responsible for the CG animation in shows like Jimmy Neutron and The Ant Bully). Jeff Amano[2] drew promotional artwork for the series.

The episodes focused on leading an active, sporty lifestyle, with characters (all based on Australian-native animals) occasionally breaking out into musical numbers, all of which were collated on a soundtrack album.[3]

However, due to the limited release on VHS,[4] Jingaroo has become extremely obscure. Videos on YouTube are scarce, with the exception of the three found below:

Uploaded by the musician who played fretless bass on this musical number.
The demo from the animation studio, presumably.
This video is essentially just another upload of the demo, instead shown on somebody's iPod.

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