Kābīfamirī (lost build of cancelled sewing machine game; 2001)

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the title art for the box art

Status: Lost

Kābīfamirī, also known as Kirby Family, was a program developed by HAL Laboratory and was a collection of 32 pre-set patterns forming the like of characters from the Kirby series, which, when transmitted by the Game Boy Color to a special embroidery machine manufactured by Jaguar. The pattern was selected by being reproduced on cloth. It was the spiritual successor of Mario Family, a Japan-only Game Boy Color game that operated exactly the same way. Screenshots and promotional artwork confirm several of the patterns that could have been embroidered. These included Kirby in four poses, Ribbon, Waddle Dee, Emp, and Chacha.


The program was showcased along with the embroidery machine at Nintendo Space World 2001 with a release date of September 10th, 2001, and the price going for ¥6,800 (or $61.55 U.S. dollars as of the time of this writing). However, the plans to retail it outside of the event were scrapped for unknown reasons possibly due to the game releasing late in the Game Boy life cycle.


Only 2 screenshots of the game exist and how the title would have looked on the box art, but it's highly likely the game will ever see that light of day or resurface on the internet.