KaBlam! "Episode 29" (non-existent episode of Nickelodeon animated series; 1998)

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Henry and June, as they appear in KaBlam!.

"Episode 29" is a rumored episode of the 1990s Nickelodeon series "KaBlam!", first appearing on TV.com and Wikipedia episode guides in the early 2000s when an anonymous user added the episode to both lists. Several internet users claim to have seen this missing episode, although no evidence towards their claims have been given, because no images or video from this missing episode have ever been seen publicly. Additionally, many fans of the show have created their own artwork and written their own fan-fiction about the episode, allowing the rumor to live on and become more difficult to find official information on.

With many episodes discovered of this old show, only two others have been confirmed to be in the 'lost' category: KaFun!Just Chillin'.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode was to be about Henry and June finally ending the comic book series, June kissing Henry (revealing her crush) and saying goodbyes to the audience. This episode was presumably scrapped due to high ratings of the show and was forgotten since they kept making episodes for the show.

Evidence of Existence[edit | edit source]

A internet archive website called 'The Wayback Machine' enables users to visit webpages dating back to 1996. Through careful searching, one can locate KaBlam's official episode list. While only finding episode lists of seasons 1-3, it is clear that Episode 29 is not in that list. Still, it is unlikely that this confirms the episodes existence as fake, as other questions have been raised, such as the website having been unfinished at the time, and the fact that Nickelodeon only posted aired episodes, as they never put the unaired final episode of The Angry Beavers either.[1]

Evidence Against its Existence[edit | edit source]

There many examples of which can be used to argue that the episode is nothing more than a hoax, most notably in 2011, when segment creator Mark Marek left a comment on a now defunct fansite, declaring that Henry and June do not have feelings for one another, and that the episode is fake.

Additionally, most people who claim they remember "seeing" the episode describe it as an award ceremony, which is a relevant theme in both "Resistance is Futile" and the "Life with Loopy Gala-Bration" special, so it's possible that they are confusing Episode 29 with these two episodes. Not to mention the fact that both KaFun and Just Chillin' have yet to be seen on the internet, so some of the alleged Episode 29 scenes or plot could have stemmed from KaFun! and Just Chillin' respectively.

Finally, it was commonly believed that Episode 29- allegedly the series finale- was removed from airing rotation on Nickelodeon when the show was picked up for another season, and that the Life with Loopy Gala-Bration was created out of the remnants of Episode 29. However, this September 1998 TV guide confirms that the Loopy special was already set to air before Episode 29 would have theoretically premiered

It is possible that this incident is connected to a phenomenon known as the "Mandela Effect," in which multiple people from the same or similar groups vividly recall nearly identical false memories.

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