KaBlam! "Episode 29" (non-existent episode of Nickelodeon animated series; 1998)

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Henry and June, as they appear in KaBlam!.

"Episode 29" is a rumored episode of the 1990s Nickelodeon series "KaBlam!". Episode 29 is an episode many fans of the show have made their own art of, including fan-fiction. This episode has been considered fake for a long time, but others have disputed this as wrong.

With many episodes discovered of this old show, only two others have been confirmed to be in the 'lost' category: KaFun!Just Chillin'.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The episode was to be about Henry and June finally ending the comic book series, June kissing Henry (revealing her crush) and saying goodbyes to the audience. This episode was presumably scrapped due to high ratings of the show and was forgotten since they kept making episodes for the show.

Evidence of Existence[edit | edit source]

A internet archive website called 'The Wayback Machine' enables users to visit webpages dating back to 1996. Through careful searching, one can locate KaBlam's official episode list. While only finding episode lists of seasons 1-3, it is clear that Episode 29 is not in that list. Still, it is unlikely that this confirms the episodes existence as fake, as other questions have been raised, such as the website having been unfinished at the time, and the fact that Nickelodeon only posted aired episodes, as they never put the unaired final episode of The Angry Beavers either.[1]

Several internet users claim to have seen this missing episode, although no evidence towards their claims have been given. These claims are considered nothing more than hearsay, until images or video from the missing episode are revealed.

References[edit | edit source]