Kids' WB! "Backlot" (partially found animated bumpers; 1997-2003)

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WB Lot 2K1.png

The Kids' WB! backlot, as shown around 2001-03, and was still commonly used for in-house produced promos and spots until 2006.

Status: Partially Found

Since the fall of 1997, Kids' WB! began airing commercial bumpers that feature a CGI rendition of the Warner Bros. studio lot, accompanied by a rubbery, CGI version of the block's logo. The bumpers were produced by Riverstreet Productions and Blur Studio, both of which continued the branding work for the block until its inception in 2008.

While a pretty vast selection of these bumps exist online in some form, there are still others are pretty hard to find to this day. Missing bumpers include most of the ones that aired around the 1999-2000 season, as well as a select few from 2001.



A reel, circa 2000, by one of the animators; Jake Carvey. A few partial, selected bumps appear around 0:22, 0:49, 0:54, 1:03, and 1:42.
Another reel by Carvey in 2001, featuring more bumper snippets.