King of the Hill (partially found Adult Swim bumpers for Fox animated sitcom; 2011-2013)

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King of the Hill Adult Swim Bumper.PNG

The show's logo as seen in the bumpers.

Status: Partially Found

Starting in 2011, cable channel Adult Swim began airing bumpers for the animated sitcom King of the Hill prior to the airing of episodes.

These bumpers would promote a fictional company or occasionally a real company (such as Hyundai and Lowe's). An unknown narrator would name the company and give their motto, usually saying "Tonight's King of the Hill episode is brought to you by (company name) (company motto)." Throughout the bumper, "Prissy Pussy" by Werner Tautz would play. Most bumpers followed this format, unless otherwise noted. The companies included:

  • The Arlen Barn
  • The Arlen Advocate
  • The Arlen Bystander (uses a guitar theme)
  • Channel 84
  • Cover-to-Cover Books
  • Dale's Dead Bug
  • Heimlich County Junior College
  • Hotel Arlen
  • Get In Get Out
  • Goobersmooches
  • Juggstore Cowboys
  • La Grunta Inn and Resort
  • Mega Lo Mart
  • Staubach Elementary School
  • Strickland Propane (there are at least three different bumpers, each with Hank Hill (Mike Judge) giving an original voiceover)
  • Sugarfoot's
  • Thaterton Fuels
  • Waffle Hut

These bumpers stopped playing by 2014. However, YouTube user tkrewtmre tRKEW't KRw@KTReWKTrw TGKFREW uploaded ten of the bumpers, albeit with their watermark in the corner. Evan Lechowicz also uploaded the three known Strickland Propane bumpers. The ones that were not included were Sugarfoot's, Dale's Dead Bug, Thaterton Fuels, Goobersmooches, La Grunta Inn and Resort and Juggstore Cowboys. They have not been seen since they stopped being broadcast.

Update: Pokematic found The Arlen Advocate bumper (with Hank saying "closed captioning sponsored in part by"), along with the bumpers for Strickland Propane (where Hank talks about how propane is used in life), Waffle Hut, Cover to Cover Books, The Arlen Barn, Thaterton Fuels and The Arlen Bystander (which transitions to an Arby's bumper). He also found closed captioning bumpers sponsored by GEICO and uploaded them to his Dailymotion channel without a watermark.

Available Bumpers

Ten of the bumpers.

The Strickland Propane bumpers.

Non-watermarked Thatherton Fuels bumper (starts at 1:33).