Kurt Cobain "Opinion/Opinions" (partially found released demo of potential Nirvana song; 1994)

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Poster of the biopic that the demo resurfaced from.

Status: Partially Found

In 1990, Kurt Cobain, frontman of the then-unknown band Nirvana, premiered a new song for a local radio station in Olympia called "Opinion". Not much is known about the song other than it was a "diatribe against sensationalistic media" and that Cobain "supposedly performed the song on the night that he wrote it.", as accounted by Jim DeRogatis.[1] The song wasn't re-recorded for Nirvana's upcoming album Nevermind and didn't surface until the release of the With The Lights Out boxset in 2004.

In 2015, with the release of the biopic "Montage Of Heck", an unsurfaced version of the track was used as the soundtrack for the end card of the film. However, only the first twelve seconds were used, and nothing else besides that has surfaced.

The Montage of Heck version of the track sounds much cleaner than the original radio performance, leading some to speculate it may have been a studio demo. However, it is unknown exactly what date this audio was recorded, let alone whether it was recorded in studio or as a home demo, since almost no one with official connections to Nirvana has made a public statement about the demo's origins. Courtney Love said of the song:

"There are three completed, finished songs. And there are 10 others, and then there’s all the riffing. There’s one song called “Opinions” that was a couple of years old. It was from the era when he was in Olympia, Washington, between Bleach and Nevermind."[2]


The original 1990 performance of the song.