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The first drawing which started it all.

LMW-tan is the moe anthropomorphic mascot of the Lost Media Wiki; also known as "gijinka", this is when any concept (including a website) is represented as a cute anime/manga-like girl!

Previous website-based examples include Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan, so here is LMW-tan.

She was inspired by the protagonist of Cracks, a lost animated short which was possibly the most famous lost piece of media on the Wiki. She is thus also wearing some green, which is the color theme of the website.

Originally, she was just some fanart done for fun, but gained enough appreciation to become the official mascot!

LMW-tan is a shy but curious and passionate little lady, who has a passion for old movies, TV shows, cartoons and even video games. If she learns of such a thing that is lost and impossible to view by the common people, you can bet she will do the best efforts to obtain it, for the greater good!

All LMW-tan illustrations come courtesy of Gaucelm (aka Reynard).

Lmw tan cannot afford that by gaucelm-d9cl9cb.jpg
A common situation for lost media hunters: when a copy has to be paid for, and for a lot of money...

Lmwtan noborder.png
For miscellaneous "LMW-tan says" segments on the site.

Lmwtan donations.png
The Lost Media Wiki subsists on donations! LMW-tan appreciates donations very much. She thanks you.

Lmtan tired.png
LMW-tan has done a lot of serious research to do quality articles on the Lost Media Wiki. Late nights all right!!

Lmw tan meets trope tan.png
LMW-tan meets Trope-tan, the moe anthropomorphic mascot of TV Tropes! They have things in common, like articles on lost/hard-to-find media! (see the boxes!)

Lmw-tan article listing.png
LMW-tan is proud of that long list of the things that are on the Wiki... Can you spot them all?