La Rosa de Guadalupe - Adios Inocencia (partially found unaired episode of Mexican TV series; 2012)

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Screenshot taken from the Televisa Website (Via. The Wayback Machine)

Status: Lost


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La Rosa de Guadalupe is 2008 Catholic TV Program created by Carlos Mercado Orduña, who’s plot is based on the Mexican society life and consequences for themes like: Drugs, Sexual Harassment, And Trends. Despite the show’s Popularity, the Show has been very critized for its bland acting, using themes like Anime, Emos, Goths or challenges (Example: "Momo"), “Lame” scripts, and giving hate from other communities.

Campamento Colibrí Event

In July 12th, 2012, a religious group of 90 people on a camp in El Colibrí, in the state of Mexico, were attacked by a group of people. 12 teens were tortured and Sexually harassed, as well as having their personal items stolen. The perpetuators of the attack were soon caught and are currently being prosecuted. This calls the attention from news as one of the worst events from 2012; however Televisa decided to make an episode based on the events called: Adios Inocencia

Synopsis of episode

Latin Spanish Synopsis “Carolina y Magda asisten a un campamento en el que pensaron vivirían una grata experiencia, pero fue todo lo contrario, vivieron un infierno cuando un grupo de delincuentes llegan asaltar el campamento y violan a las jovencitas, una de ellas será Magda.”

“Han pasado 4 años desde aquel terrible episodio en sus vidas y Carolina ha estado llena de odio y rencor, un día descubre casualmente al violador y toma una decisión; vengarse de él."

El plan de Carolina será torturarlo y después matarlo, sólo un milagro podrá salvarla del odio que la consume."

English Sipnosis "Carolina and Magda assist to a camping site where they thought they would live a great experience, but everything went to the contrary, they live a hell when a group of criminals assaulted the camping site and raped the girls, one of them being Magda."

"4 years had passed since that terrible episode in their lives and Carolina is full of anger and hatred, one day she discovers casually to the rapist and takes a decision; take revenge of him."

"The plan of Carolina is to torture him and later kill him, only a miracle will save her from the anger that consumes her."


Before the sneek peek aired on TV who was planned to air on August 10th at 15pm, the mothers of the victims send a mail to Televisa President: Emilio Ascarraga" that claims on don't aired the episode, despite after it and days later of the answer on don't aired the episode, the website of Televisa showed the summary of the episode; who later was deleted.


The only viewable fragment is a sneak peek after the end of another episode. Yet the episode probably has been destroyed or canned forever.


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