La Schtroumpfette (lost Belgian animated TV special based on "The Smurfs" comic; 1969)

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Smurfs 60s cartoon behind the scenes.png

Early 1960s production photo of Les Schtroumpfs.

Status: Lost

In 1961, Belgian production studio TVA Dupuis made a TV series starring The Smurfs called Les Schtroumpfs which was the first animated appearance of The Smurfs. The series had a total of 9 episodes aired between 1961-1967 which aired on RTB (Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française).

In 1965, the first animated feature film starring the Smurfs was made called Les Aventures des Schtroumpfs which selected 5 out of the 9 episodes. Some of the episodes were made in color but faded over time. Currently, some of the episodes can currently be seen at Belgian Comic Strip Center in Brussels, Belgium.

In 1969, TV Dupuis made a TV special starring The Smurfs which adapted Peyo's comic La Schtroumpfette (The Smurfette in English). Not much else is known about this production.

La Schtroumpfette would also have been Smurfette's first animated appearance before the 1981 Hannah-Barbera series. Unlike the 1961 series, no existing screenshots of the 1969 TV special exists. Due to very little information about La Schtroumpfette's history, it eventually became the most obscure adaptation of Peyo's work and is forgotten even in Belgium.

External Links (Note: There were some changes made in this version of the story for censorship reasons, including the deletion of some of the gags and a new ending featuring Smurfette as the Lone Smurf, which guise she did not appear in in the original comic)


The Smurfette (original comic by Peyo)