Lamb Chop's Play-Along (partially lost PBS children's puppet series; 1992)

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Lamb Chop.jpg

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Found

Lamb Chop's Play Along is a 1992 Canadian-American children's series created by Shari Lewis. The series focused around Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy and their human friends as they tell stories, sing songs and play games at a farm. Despite the show's popularity when it aired, only clip shows, as well as a specially-made clip for the Kids For Character VHS, were released to VHS when it aired due to music rights issues. Some episodes can be found online, while some of them are missing. The show also airs reruns on Kids and Teens TV as of September 2017.

# Episode Title Status
1 Air Charlie Lost
2 Stop Biting Your Nails Lost
3 Too Sick To Go To The Circus Lost
4 The Bully Lost
5 Hiccups Lost
6 Charlie's Magic Show Lost
7 Lamb Chop Helps Out Lost
8 The Charlie Newspaper Lost
9 Robin Hoof Lost
10 Charlie's Toothache Lost
11 The Baseball Show Lost
12 The Planet Yzarc Partially found as a camrip
13 Maurice Lost
14 Charlie Horse Western Lost
15 Runaway Lost
16 The Lemonade Wars Lost
17 Have I Got A Girl For You Lost
18 Lamb Chop's Makeover Lost
19 The Ring Lost
20 Charlie Horse's Birthday Lost
21 Switcheroo Lost
22 Hail to the Chief Lost
23 Obedience School Lost
24 Going Going Gone Lost
25 The Chicken Show Short clip found
26 Lamb Chop's Allowance Lost
27 Talent-Less Lost
28 On Thin Ice Lost
29 Bigger is Better Lost
30 Lamb Chop: Star Lost
31 The Lamb Chop Show Lost
32 So Long Freddy Found
33 School Daze Lost
34 The Circus Lost
35 I'm Back! Lost
36 Shari Tells The Story Of Tikki Tikki Tembo Lost
37 Farnsworth Lost
38 A Cat By Any Other Name Found
39 Born To Dance Lost
40 Super Angelo Partially found
41 I Write The Songs Lost
42 United We Stand Lost
43 Lucky Puppy Lost
44 The Wallet Lost
45 Trading Bases Lost
46 Return to Zarc Lost
47 Fear of Biking Lost
48 Segnorita Lamb Chop Lost
49 Forget It Lost
50 Little Red Riding Hood Lost
51 Chicken Pox Lost
52 The Guys Lost
53 Get Up & Dance Lost
54 Trading Bases Lost
55 When You Grow Up Lost
56 Lamb Chop's Cold Camrip found
57 Musical Chopsticks Lost
58 Principal Swanson Lost
59 Gold Diggers Lost
60 The Story of How Baby Lamb Chop Learned to Walk Lost
61 Peer Pressure Lost
62 Toulouse La Chop Lost
63 Anchor Desk Lost
64 The Dark Lost
65 Lamb Chop's Lullaby Lost
66 Horse of a Different Color Lost
67 Monopoly Lost
69 Sooo Mad! Lost
70 Lamb Chop's Pet Lost
71 Togetherness Lost
72 Buster And Butch The Bully Lost
73 Busted-Up Buster Lost
74 Lamb Chop Practices Violin Lost
75 Charlie Horse Tells A Lie Lost
76 Shari's Favorite? Lost
77 Lamb Chop's Art Embarrasses Charlie Horse Lost
78 A Yo-Yo for Hush Puppy Lost
79 Lamb Chop's Glasses Lost
80 Counting on Your Knuckles (aka. Mother's Hubbard) Lost
81 Your Mitt or Mine Lost
82 Fighting Fair Lost
83 The Job Lost
84 Sea Creatures Lost