Leader Dog (partially lost Nickelodeon animated shorts; 2004)

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Leader Dog's title card

Status: Partially Lost

Leader Dog is a 3 minute animated short series created by Larry Schwarz that aired on Nicktoons from April 18, 2004 at 8pm, to at least 2008. The show was created by Larry Schwarz who is CEO and founder Animation Collective it will air 13 episodes.

Schwarz said

“We really wanted to create something totally original, yet familiar–the kind of shows we grew up with and watched on Saturday mornings. We wanted to tell funny stories with memorable characters–the kind that will become classics,”
The series was also directed by Sergei Aniskov.[1]

The series told the adventures of an ordinary dog captured by a race of aliens who mistakes him to be the "Earth's leader," as Leader lives on their home planet and introduces the aliens to the world of being a dog. Most episodes revolve around Leader introducing the aliens to a dog-like activity, such as drinking toilet water or chasing after mailmen.

Like many Nicktoons short series, Leader Dog has fallen into obscurity due to its sporadic air times and general lack of exposure. Some YouTubers have uploaded several of the show's episodes online. Unfortunately, of the 13 episodes produced, nearly half of them remain to be seen.

Episodes (Order is Unofficial)

# Episode Title Status
1 Eau de Toilet Found
2 The Postman Never Rings Twice Found
3 Nobody's Drool Found
4 Who Buried the Bone? Found
5 Fetch Lives Found
6 Worst in Show Lost
7 A Poop By Any Other Name Lost
8 Life's an Itch Lost
9 TV or Not TV? Lost
10 Planet of the Chimps Lost
11 Howl-O-Ween Lost
12 Playing Dead Found
13 Dog Food Found

Scripts From Memory

An episode's plot as remembered by a fan:

A Poop By Any Other Name

Opens with the king and the prince eating a meal.
Leader then hops in with his legs crossed wincing saying “I need to be let out.”
Prince: Look dad, he no longer wants to be the leader.
Leader: No man, I need to be let out
Prince: Daaaad
King: Leader, surely I can change your mind.
Leader: Dang man, I REALLY need to be let out. If you don’t let me out there’s going to be a major problem.
Prince: Look dad, now he’s threatening up. You need to get rid of him.
King: Leader, please, you must reconsider. We’ve gotten along so well.
Close up on leader’s face. Fart noise.
Wide angle, a large pile of poop is in the middle of the frame.
Leader then walks out from behind, ashamed “I told you I needed to be let out.”
Prince: That is disgusting. Dad did you see what he just did!?
King: Leader. This. THIS! This is the best gift you could have given us. This magnificent sculpture.
Prince: Dad you can’t be serious. He just pooped on the floor.
King: He made a beautiful sculpture. We must display it proudly.

The poop is now proudly displayed in the center of town, and all the citizens are cheering. Leader and prince are a bit grossed out. Fade out to credits.