Let's Wiggle (partially found short series for children's band; 1997-1999)

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Title card for the series.

Status: Partially Found

Let's Wiggle is a short series created by the Australian children's group The Wiggles. It premiered on Disney Channel in Australia through the cable provider Optus Vision on July 1, 1997 (a year before the group's eponymous television series would premiere) and would also air in Canada on TVO's children's block TVOKids in May 2002. It also aired on the Seven Network in between airings of their eponymous television series. It's unknown if the show ever aired in the United States. The show mostly showcases songs the group did from various videos they released, concerts they performed and television shows they did. The amount of episodes that were made is unknown as many episodes or specific airdates are unaccounted for as they would typically air early in the morning.

Some songs from the series were performed at the Melbourne Sports & Entertainment Centre in November 1997, while the majority of the songs in the series would be performed on sound stages.

Confirmed Episodes[edit | edit source]

Song Title Original Video Status
Romp Bomp A Stomp Wake Up Jeff Found
Get Ready To Wiggle Wiggle Time! (1998) Found
Here Comes a Bear Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Captain Feathersword Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Uncle Noah's Ark Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Ponies Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Dorothy the Dinosaur Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Whenever I Hear This Music Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Henry the Octopus Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Rock-a-Bye Your Bear Wiggle Time! (1998) Found
Magic Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
I Love It When It Rains Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
Quack Quack Wiggle Time! (1998) Found
Dorothy's Birthday Party Wiggle Time! (1998) Lost
The Monkey Dance Yummy Yummy (1998) Found
Hot Potato The Wiggles Big Show Partially Lost (Badly Damaged)
Quack Quack The Wiggles Big Show Found (Low Quality)
Ooh It's Captain Feathersword The Wiggles Big Show Found (Low Quality)
Get Ready To Wiggle The Wiggles Big Show Found (Low Quality)
Look Both Ways Toot Toot! Lost
John Bradlelum Toot Toot! Lost
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Toot Toot! Lost
Food Food Food (Oh How I Love My Food) Toot Toot! Lost
Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy! Toot Toot! Lost
Dorothy the Dinosaur (Tell Me Who Is That Knocking?) Toot Toot! Lost
I Climb Ten Stairs Toot Toot! Lost
Move Your Arms Like Henry Toot Toot! Lost
Silver Bells That Ring In The Night Toot Toot! Lost
Wags The Dog, He Likes To Tango Toot Toot! Lost
Officer Beaple's Dance Toot Toot! Lost
Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car[1] Toot Toot! Lost
We're Dancing With Wags The Dog Toot Toot! Lost
Zardo Zap Toot Toot! Lost
Let's Have A Ceili Toot Toot! Lost
Henry's Underwater Big Band Series Two Lost
Hat On My Head Series Two Lost
Big Red Car Series Two Lost
Our Boat Is Rocking On The Sea Series Two Lost
Having Fun At The Beach Series Two Lost


Availability[edit | edit source]

While episodes are scarce to come by, various episodes have seen a home media release. The episodes with the songs from the Melbourne Sports & Entertainment Centre concert were released as part of HIT Entertainment's Playskool VideoNow Jr disc pack three in 2005 with the Series One episode Wiggle Opera. Another episode with the song Hot Potato from the Melbourne Sports & Entertainment Centre concert was released as part of the second disc pack in the Playskool VideoNow Jr set with the Series One episode Foodman. Those releases have made it online and can be viewed on YouTube. Four more episodes that feature songs from Wiggle Time and Yummy Yummy were included in the promotional DVD "Introducing... The Wiggles" that was only released in the United Kingdom in 2004. All episodes from the DVD have made it online. The Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car episode was included as a video exclusive on the compilation album Pop Jr TV Songs that was released in the United Kingdom in 2008. As of the writing of this article, the only episode that aired on television to have surfaced online is Romp Bomp A Stomp.

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