Little Lulu and Her Little Friends (partially found episode of anime series; 1976)

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LL Promo Artwork 1976.jpeg

Promotional art from the anime.

Status: Partially Found

Little Lulu and Her Little Friends (リトル・ルルとちっちゃい仲間 Ritoru Ruru to Chitchai Nakama) is a 26-episode anime series, produced by Nippon Animation, that ran from October 3rd, 1976, to April 3rd, 1977. While the character of Little Lulu was originally created by Marjorie Henderson Buell, the anime was based on the comics by John Stanley. This anime is extremely rare and has been out of print for a long time.

An English dub was made by ZIV International in 1978. It was also dubbed in Spanish, German, Italian (twice, first in 1981, then in 1995, plus a compilation film released in 1980, named "Le incredibili avventure della Piccola Lulú", translated as "The Incredible Adventures of Little Lulu"), Arabic, Hebrew, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Availability[edit | edit source]

The Japanese dub is completely lost as the show never received any home media releases in its home country. Despite this, bits of material have surfaced online. On July 1, 2020, Twitter User @doughnut_f posted a couple of images from the original Japanese opening, which came from a 2016 Japanese auction. An August 2020 Japanese auction also emerged, containing a 16mm film reel of episode 6 from the original Japanese dub. Images from this film reel and a short 20-sec clip were saved by YouTuber ChozinFellers.

Currently, the whole series is available in Spanish (courtesy of YouTuber NesGamer90) and in Arabic (courtesy of YouTuber Ayam Zaman لولو الصغيرة). The Swedish dub of Episode 6 was uploaded on December 16, 2014 (courtesy of YouTuber Muppet). As for the Italian dubs, the only footage of the 1981 dub is the opening, while the compilation film released that year found it's way onto YouTube on May 15, 2020, courtesy of FilmIsNow. YouTuber Emozioni Ritrovate claims to have a DVD box-set of the 1995 dub for sale.

On July 20th, 2019, ChozinFellers uploaded six full episodes of the ZIV International English dub of Little Lulu, which was originally uploaded by now-deleted YouTube channel Fogelogel. ChozinFellers is awaiting for possible translators for the rest of the remaining episodes through "Project Lulu," and has a fansite dedicated to the anime, called "Fellers' Frontier."

Soundtrack Laboratory Co., Ltd complied the original Japanese soundtracks for Little Lulu and Her Little Friends and Attack on Tomorrow into a CD album, which was released on August 25, 2021. This CD marks the first time in which these soundtracks have been released commercially.

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Videos[edit | edit source]

"Le incredibili avventure della Piccola Lulú"
Episode 1: "Little Angel"
Episode 2: "Operation Babysitter"
Episode 3: "Good Luck Guard"
Episode 4: "The Endurance Test"
Episode 5: "Save the Prisoners"
Episode 6: "Little Fireman"
1978 English Opening
1978 English Ending
Swedish dub of Episode 6
Japanese Soundtrack CD
August 2020 auction (Images & 20-sec clip)
1977 Japanese record, containing bits of the original Japanese VA
Spanish Dub Ep. 1
2nd Italian Dub Ep. 1
Arabic Dub Ep. 1
1981 Italian Opening
1981 Italian Theme Song
Spanish Theme Song

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