LodgeNet in-room video game ROMs (lost video games from streaming service; mid-1990s to mid-2000s)

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The company's logo.

Status: Lost

In the mid-90s to the mid-2000s, Lodgenet partnered with Nintendo to bring video games directly into guest hotel rooms through streaming over the LodgeNet server with the special LodgeNet controller plugging directly into the TV or LodgeNet set-top box. Pricing was usually $6.95 plus tax for 1 hour of video games. After 1 hour, the game would immediately stop and prompt the user to purchase more play time. Customers were able to choose from a number of Nintendo games such as Super Mario World and F-Zero. During the partnership, the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Nintendo GameCube were made available to guests.


Due to their only being one available controller, many game roms had to be modded to only allow for single player. In some games, such as Mario Tennis, the multi-player option was completely removed (no VS icon). Other times, the multiplayer icon was left in but could not be selected, or it was only possible to play against computers (such as Super Smash Brothers or F-Zero). Otherwise, from an end user perspective, the games were complete.

In addition to the actual Nintendo games, on the SNES version, there were some LodgeNet exclusive games. From memory, there was a tic tac toe game and a hangman game that was exclusive to the lodge inroom pay per play service.


With high-speed internet and mobile gaming becoming more popular, LodgeNet equipped hotels began to diminish. While it is still possible to find hotels with LodgeNet equipped rooms, they are becoming increasingly rare. Due to the superior product of official release ROMs and normal editions, the LodgeNet specific roms are hard to find if not impossible.