Ludwig van Beethoven (partially found pieces from German composer; 1700s-1800s)

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A portrait of Beethoven, painted by Joseph Karl Stieler in 1820

Status: Partially Found

Ludwig van Beethoven (December 17th, 1770-March 26th, 1827) was a very well-respected German composer, most popular for pieces such as Ode to Joy, Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Für Elise, and Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata)

Lost Works[edit | edit source]

As to be expected with any classical composer's works, some are destined to be lost, whether due to never being completed, never being published, or due to all copies being destroyed. Here is a list of Beethoven's lost works, including reconstructed pieces as we are not certain that the reconstructed pieces are what Beethoven had originally wanted.[1]

  • 6 Minuets (1795 orchestral arrangement; piano arrangement exists)
  • 7 Ländler (1799 orchestral arrangement; piano arrangement exists)
  • 12 German Dances (1792-1797 orchestral arrangement; piano arrangement exists)
  • Ecossaise in G (1810 band arrangement; piano arrangement by Carl Czerny exists)
  • Rondo in B-flat (1793 orchestra and piano arrangement; only fragments survive, reconstructed by Carl Czerny)
  • Piano Sonata in C (1791-1793; partially lost, reconstructed by Ferdinand Ries)
  • Violin Concerto in C (1790-1792; only fragments of movement one survive, reconstructed by Joseph Hellmesberger Sr in 1876)
  • Wind Quintet in E-flat (1793-1796; only fragments survive, reconstructed by Leopold Alexander Zellner in 1862)

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