Madness: House of Fun (lost build of cancelled Sega Genesis/Mega Drive platformer; 1993-1994)

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Madness House of Fun Mega Drive.png

Status: Lost

Madness: House of Fun is a cancelled Mega Drive platform game developed by Gremlin Graphics. It is based on the English ska band, Madness and their 1982 #1 hit House of Fun (re-released in 1992). Despite its name, was unlikely to feature any of the members of Madness.


The game stars a character called Mr. Smash (who is based on Carl Smyth from the group). His one task in life is to enter the titular House of Fun in search of all the goodies he can find. Using switches to activate platforms and open doors, the basic aim of each level is to locate the exit, with the entrance to Heaven forming the last level.

However, the House of Fun has been overrun by all manner of strange creatures, with Mr. Smash fending them off by lobbing his collection of silver discs at them.[1]


The game would have 14 levels. It was going to be remake of the Gremlin's Amiga game Harlequin (with new graphics, characters, and Madness’ music) and scheduled for released on June 1994, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons. This game was reportedly close to completion before the axe, according to the Mean Machines Sega #17 and Mega Force #17 previews.

On November 22, 2016, the source code with no binaries was found by Eleazar Galindo Navarro (who is a founder of Piko Interactive). He will tried to get it compiled.[2]

On January 16, 2017, 38 minutes of gameplay was uploaded to the Unseen64 channel.

Gameplay footage