Marcel Boulestin television shorts (lost early BBC programs; 1937-1939)

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Listing of Milk Dishes in Radio Times

Status: Lost

Milk Dishes is an early BBC television cooking short broadcast on 5th June 1937.[1] Hosted by French chef Marcel Boulestin, it was the second TV program Boulestin was involved in following Cook's Night Out, and before his second series Dish of the Month.

Premise[edit | edit source]

According to the Radio Times synopsis of the show, Milk Dishes was created at a time where the UK population were encouraged to consume more milk drinks. Therefore, the short focuses on how to utilise milk in certain recipes, including a soup containing various spring vegetables. Boulestin would also discuss the drive in increasing public consumption of milk in England, claiming that consumption would not reach unsustainable levels, but would simply match France's general consumption levels, which at the time were higher than England's. The short lasted 15 minutes.[2]

Availability[edit | edit source]

Like other early BBC television broadcasts, including all of Boulestin's shows, Milk Dishes was broadcast live and was not recorded. Therefore, the short is now permanently missing. Unlike some of Boulestin's other programs, no surviving photos exist of the short.

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