Master Of Dance (partially found TLC competitive dancing series; 2008)

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The logo for the series

Status: Partially found

Master of Dance was a competitive dancing program that aired on TLC in 2008, made to compete and capitalize on other dancing shows like So You Think You Can Dance. The show lasted for a single season of 6 episodes, and was hosted by Joey Lawrence, with a panel of judges consisting of Loni Love, Lucinda Dickey, and Keith 'Tyce' Diorio.


Each episode featured 5 contestants competing against each other through 3 rounds of elimination, with the contestants being judged on how well they can adapt to abrupt changes in the music, and on overall performance to a lesser extent. The winners of each episode would then move on to the Tournament of Champions, where they would then duke it out for a grand prize of $50,000 and the title of "Master of Dance".[1]


The show was criticized by audiences, and the few critical reviews that existed were mixed,[2] with specific attention being given to the judges and their picks of who would proceed to the Tournament of Champions. One specific example being an episode where a breakdancer who efficiently adjusted to the music shifts placed runner up, while the actual winner was an obese woman who simply spun around in circle the whole time.[3]


Due to the show's reception and the unpopularity of it compared to it's competitors, the show was cancelled after it's first season, has not rerun since 2009, and there were no home media releases of any kind. All that exists now is a low-quality clip of one of the performances from an unknown episode, and a few online articles and websites talking about the show.

Episode List


# Episode Title Air Date Status
1 The Lowdown June 9th, 2008 Lost
2 Waltz, Shimmy and Breakdance June 9th, 2008 Lost
3 The Stut June 16th, 2008 Lost
4 The Party Train June 16th, 2008 Lost
5 Cut the Rug June 23rd, 2008 Lost
6 The Tournament of Champions June 23rd, 2008 Lost


A low-quality clip of a performance from an unknown episode.