Mcjuniorclub TV (partially found Dutch Nickelodeon/McDonald's live-action show; 2008)

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Status: Lost

McJuniorBob is a live-action series that aired on Nickelodeon and promoted by McDonald's, aired around 2008-2010. After trying to make something new, McDonald's and Nickelodeon thought of a idea of making a show about a bald man called Bob. Not much is known about this show, since no one recorded a episode, the only thing confirming its existence being a page on the McDonald's website called McJuniorClub.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Not much can be said, since, again, its lost. But, some dutch remember episodes, (EG: Bob disguises as Ronald Mcdonald, Bob saves some female McDonald's worker, etc) Not even the titles of the episodes were available, so its completly lost.

A user talking about his hate of a Christmas episode. (My god it's so bad..... check this video about BOB as the Christmas tree!)I find it weird that the dutch youth are mostly going on Drugs these days.......if you show this piece of trash...(such ads......not to eat)

Website[edit | edit source]

The webiste mentioned before is not so lost, since it has been archived at the Internet Archive. (

Website when it was available.

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