Mcjuniorclub TV (partially found Dutch Nickelodeon/McDonald's live-action short series; 2008)

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Logo for McJuniorClub TV.

Status: Lost

McJuniorBob is a live-action series that aired on Nickelodeon and promoted by McDonald's, aired around 2008-2010 in the Netherlands. After trying to make something new, McDonald's and Nickelodeon thought of the idea of making a show about a bald man called Bob. Not much is known about this show, since no one recorded an episode, the only thing confirming its existence being a page on the McDonald's website called McJuniorClub.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

List of episodes (not in chronological order) found on Nickelodeon NL's website [1] :

  • Bob Verjaardag Feestjes (Bob Birthday Parties)
  • Bob Player Escord
  • Bob Ronald
  • Bob Kung Fu Panda
  • Bob Bedreigde Diersoorten (Bob Endangered Animal Species)
  • Bob Olympics
  • Bob Star Wars
  • Bob Sinterklaas
  • Bob Kerst (Bob Christmas)

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