Me Too/Moi (partially found Canadian children's TV show; 2002-2003)

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The English and French logos for Me Too!/Moi.

Status: Lost

Me Too!, referred to in French as Moi, was a Canadian children’s show that aired between 2002-2003 on the CBC. The plot revolves around an anthropomorphic cotton ball named Fluffy (or Agathe in French), who interacts with children and grants them various wishes. It was said to have aired during the kids programming block on the Radio-Canada (CBC) network. The information on the show is incredibly scarce, with only one still from the show being recovered. No episodes have been recovered, and most knowledge of the show comes from the testimonies of those who recall viewing it.

History[edit | edit source]

The details regarding the history and production of Me Too! are quite scarce. It was produced by production company Zone3, and aired on the Radio-Canada television network, also known as the CBC. According to the Zone3 English website, it seems that it had a total of 71 episodes spread across two seasons, each episode lasting around fifteen minutes.[1] The website also states that it was produced by André Lauzon and Patricia Lavoie, and that it aired between 2002 and 2003.

The show seemed to have two versions, one in French and one in English, to allow for it to air across Canada. In French, the show was referred to as Moi, while in English it was referred to as Me Too. According to the scarce Wikipedia page, actress Helen King played the role of Fluffy. However, the role does not appear on their IMDb page, and the source is unreliable. In the French version, Fluffy’s name is changed to Agathe, and she is allegedly played by actress Lucie Beauvais.[2] Both the French and English Zone3 websites have slight differences in the plotlines of the show. The French version is said to have starred four kids, while the English had only three. The production details for both shows are unknown.

Viewers of the show recall it being quite low-budget. Some viewer testimonies report that the set was similar to a bad sitcom set, and that the show had a very creepy feel to it.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The plot was described in great detail by the Zone3 website. The French version was described as the following:

"Designed for preschoolers, the Moi series revolves around the daily lives of four little ones aged four to six, Jaco, Kim, Lori and Adam. Each show has its own theme, which is introduced by a brief vox-pop to children in daycare.

Then, a short drama puts the hero of the day in a situation, which brings him, with the help of magic, into the fanciful universe of Agathe. A gentle fairy-tale character, Agathe knows how to amuse or comfort her young visitor according to her needs. Then, Agathe invites the little ones home to participate in the “Drawing Game” and those in daycare to mimic "The Nursery Rhyme".

Music, laughter, discovery, tenderness make these segments of the show an enchanted world. Combining fantasy and reality, imagination and everyday life, Moi allows toddlers to evolve smoothly, in play, tenderness and smiles.[3]

Additional plot details were revealed by viewers of the show, specifically on an archived 4Chan thread by user Cottonmouth. They described the show from their memory, saying:

"It was very low budget. It would just come on interrupting whatever regular kids show was on and every episode was pretty much the same, A kid would run onto the same circle shaped set that looked like something out of a crappy sitcom, the type of thing that is very obviously not a full room. The kid would wish awkwardly for something and then rub the cottonball and say "fluffy fluffy cotton puffy, i wish i may I wish i might" or something to that effect, although I remember the fluffy fluffy cotton puffy phrase to be a direct quote. After that a person in a giant cottonball would run in from the other side of the set and creepily hug the kid... the kids always looked reluctant to hug it. it would grant the wish which would usually be something medial like wanting a popsicle or something and then the kid would say some other rhyme that I can't remember for the life of me and the ball would fade out of the screen like it was superimposed in... probably some jump cut editing my 7 year old mind couldn't comprehend at the time. No other characters. No intro or outro, no scheduled timeslot it would come on and it would only last like 3-4 minutes."[4]

Through website archives, more plot details were revealed. The show followed three main children (Lori, Jaco, and Kim) who live in the same apartment building. They have a magical cotton ball (Agathe/Fluffy) that comes to life when they rub it between their hands. Agathe helps them go on adventures, and make sense of the world around them. Other recurring characters included Jaco's brother Adam, Jaco's father Stephen, Jaco's mom Alex, Kim's dad William, and Lori's mom Anna [5].

Search[edit | edit source]

The first mention of a search for Me Too/Moi was a Reddit thread posted to the r/tipofmytongue forum by user lakers24tyson. The thread led to the show’s name being discovered, as well as the logo for the show being linked. Another link was present, apparently leading to a blog post by someone who may have worked on the show, however the link is now defunct.[6]

The next instance of a search effort was made in early 2021 when Reddit user melynag made a post to the r/lostmedia forum.[7] This thread provided excellent sources and resources that greatly helped aid the search. This thread also led to the discovery of the only surviving still from the show. The still, found on an old blog, depicts a portion of Fluffy/Agathe.[8]

In June 2021, YouTuber AnyaPanda made a video essay documenting her search for the show, having watched it as a child. In the video, she mentions attempting to contact multiple people involved in the show, including the CBC and the crew member from the blog, however both leads went dead.

In July 2021, Lost Media Wiki user Misca found the archive for the old website for the show. This website revealed the first pictures of the cast, and gave us information on the characters [9]. The website also seems to have the plotlines of a couple of episodes from the show, however their episode numbers are unknown [10].

According to the website, the show aired Monday through Friday at 3:15pm. Eventually, the time slot was changed to 6:45am. Another archived schedule from December 2002 showed it airing at 10:00am [11].

Currently, no episodes of the show have been found, and very little information has resurfaced.

Availability[edit | edit source]

Episode Title Air Date Status Notes
Episode 1 2002 Lost None.
Episode 2 2002 Lost None.
Episode 3 2002 Lost None.
Episode 4 2002 Lost None.
Episode 5 2002 Lost None.
Episode 6 2002 Lost None.
Episode 7 2002 Lost None.
Episode 8 2002 Lost None.
Episode 9 2002 Lost None.
Episode 10 2002 Lost None.
Episode 11 2002 Lost None.
Episode 12: The Babysitter 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 13: A Visit to the Hairdresser 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 14 2002 Lost None.
Episode 15 2002 Lost None.
Episode 16 2002 Lost None.
Episode 17: Our Own Way 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 18 2002 Lost None.
Episode 19: I'm Afraid 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 20: A Gift for Daddy 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 21 2002 Lost None.
Episode 22 2002 Lost None.
Episode 23: The Superhero 2002 Found [1]
Episode 24: The Wiggly Tooth 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 25 2002 Lost None.
Episode 26: Tell Me a Story 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 27: Sulking 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 28: Go Fish! 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 29 2002 Lost None.
Episode 30 2002 Lost None.
Episode 31 2002 Lost None.
Episode 32: The Frog 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 33: A Party for Mommy 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 34: Between You and Me 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 35: Happy Contingencies 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 36: I Can Do It! 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 37 2002 Lost None.
Episode 38: I Have a Thing Against Me 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 39 2002 Lost None.
Episode 40 2002 Lost None.
Episode 41: The Treasure Hunt 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 42: I've Got no Friends! 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 43 2002 Lost None.
Episode 44 2002 Lost None.
Episode 45: The Haunted Castle 2002 Lost May be archived.
Episode 46 2003 Lost None.
Episode 47 2003 Lost None.
Episode 48: The Skateboard 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 49 2003 Lost None.
Episode 50: The Robot 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 51 2003 Lost None.
Episode 52 2003 Lost None.
Episode 53 2003 Lost None.
Episode 54: A Day at the Farm 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 55 2003 Lost None.
Episode 56 2003 Lost None.
Episode 57: It's Mine 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 58 2003 Lost None.
Episode 59 2003 Lost None.
Episode 60 2003 Lost None.
Episode 61: No Cat for Adam 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 62 2003 Lost None.
Episode 63: Bedtime Blues 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 64 2003 Lost None.
Episode 65: Her Majesty, Kim 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 66 2003 Lost None.
Episode 67: Lost and Found 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 68 2003 Lost None.
Episode 69: The Pretty Shoes 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 70: The Bee 2003 Lost May be archived.
Episode 71: Going to School 2003 Lost May be archived.

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AnyaPanda's video essay on Me Too!/Moi.

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