Meat or Die (lost mobile game; 2011)

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Screenshot of the Game from the trailer. featuring Gans chasing a Dinosaur.

Status: Lost

Meat or Die was a Web Series created in 2009 by animation studio BONUS.CO.JP. It is mostly known for its run on Nintendo's Nintendo Video service from 2011.

It follows the misadventures of dinosaurs Yans and Gans, trying to get Meat. however, they always fail.

on August 23rd, 2011, the Official Meat or Die YouTube channel uploaded a trailer for a Meat or Die Video Game. No new information has surfaced since the trailer, eventually fading into obscurity. the Trailer was the only mention of the game, not even the official website mentioned it.

The game is revealed to be for the iPad, suggesting that ports to Android or PC could have been planned.

The only trailer of the game, from the year 2011.