Members Only (unreleased ABC drama-comedy television series; 2014)

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Status: Lost

Members Only was a drama/sitcom/soap opera mix of a series that was intended to premiere on ABC in 2014, but never ended up airing. It follows a family living in a private country club.

Casting/Development[edit | edit source]

In February 2014, the series was announced to have been ordered by ABC as a series, in which Oscar-winning writers Susannah Grant and David O. Russell.[1] The series was also apparently intended to be named The Club.[2] However, on February 26th, 2014, Russell left the series on the same day the first actor for the show, Callie Hernandez, was cast.[3] She would play Ana, a club butler who would steal stuff behind the Holmes' backs and pawn them. On March 7th, Chris Conroy was cast as the back-from-rehab Forty Holmes,[4] and on the 24th, Betsy Brandt (from Breaking Bad) was cast as Leslie Holmes.[5]

Over the next few months, more people were cast and the show started filming in September.[6] An exact amount of episodes is unknown, but as many straight-to-series shows have 13 episodes, it could be guessed that this show had the same.

Cancellation/Availability[edit | edit source]

On November 23rd, 2014, it was announced that ABC had given Members Only the ax. An exact reason is unknown, as Hollywood Reporter (who also confirmed that the show had 13 episodes) also stated that dramas did quite well on ABC.[7] However, it could be due to David O. Russell leaving only a month into production, or possible tension between CBS and ABC, as the show was a joint collaboration between them.[8]

No episodes of the series have surfaced. It is not likely that the show has been destroyed, but the show still does not have a high chance of being released due to ABC's practices of releasing and airing their shows (they do not release their unaired shows often, if at all).

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