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==The Original Pilot==
==The Original Pilot==
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[[Category:Found media]]

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MM PR pilot.JPG

Screenshot of the episode's title.

Status: Found

Date found: May 22nd, 1999

Found by: Fox Kids

Power Rangers has been a successful children’s franchise since 1993. It has spawned more than 20 seasons of shows, two movies, and a ton of merchandise. Before Mighty Morphin Power Rangers aired on Fox Kids in 1993, an original pilot was created. The original pilot remained unaired until May 22, 1999 as part of a Special that was hosted by Ranger stars Austin St. John and Walter Jones called Power Rangers: The Lost Episode.

Differences between the Unaired Pilot and the Aired Episode[edit | edit source]

The Original pilot is similar to the first episode of the series but has a few differences. These included actress Audri DuBois in the role of Trini, different voice actors for the villains, and the absence of Ernie's Juice Bar. In its original unaired, unedited form the archetypal Zords are referred to as "Droids", the Power Morphers referred to as "Transmorphers" and Zordon was referred to as "Zoltar". The original "Skull" character was played by Bobby Val before being replaced by Jason Narvy.

Other differences include:

  • Billy's glasses were thick framed - Replaced in the series by wire framed glasses.
  • The local hangout was a bowling alley, not a juice bar.
  • The roles for Skull and Trini were played by different actors
  • Bulk and Skull were members of a gang underneath a more malicious gang leader (and five total).
  • Kimberly was far more self-absorbed and had little to no martial arts or gymnastic talent that was shown.
  • King Sphinx was the primary monster of this episode and fought alongside Goldar. (in the original series King Sphinx appears in the fourth episode)
  • Zordon's name was "Zoltar" and as such the 'Zords' later named after him were called Droids.
  • The morphing sequence was different and more resembled the sentai counterpart, as well as when Zoltar is proclaiming their skill for their dinosaur, they photo morph into their respective dinosaur instead of their ranger costume.
  • Alpha's appearance was far boxier in this incarnation.
  • The teleportation sequence was very different, having the teens suddenly contort and stretch like taffy when they were pulled up into the sky.
  • The encounter with the gang had a more violent tone than was present in the official series, where the Rangers never used physical violence on their peers; in this version the Rangers both initiate the fight and deal with their opponents rather brutally.
  • Rita's voice is not nearly as screechy or loud as it is in the actual series. Barbara Goodson mentioned that she was fired after her performance as Rita in the pilot because "it didn't sound angry enough". When she returned to recording, Goodson said "You want angry? I'LL GIVE YOU ANGRY!" She has used this voice for Rita ever since.

The Original Pilot[edit | edit source]