Models Inc. (partially lost primetime soap opera; 1994-1995)

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The cast of Models Inc..

Status: Partially Lost

Models Inc. was a short-lived primetime soap opera that aired on the Fox network from June 29, 1994 to March 6, 1995. The series was a spin-off of the successful primetime soap Melrose Place, which itself was a spin-off of the long-running series Beverly Hills, 90210.

The series revolved around a Los Angeles modelling agency named Models Inc, which is run by Hillary Michaels (played by Linda Gray), the estranged mother of Melrose Place character Amanda Woodward. Many of the show's plot points were typical soap opera cliches, a major plot being a former madam named Grayson Louder (played by Emma Samms) who plots revenge on her ex-husband after he falls in love with the doppelganger of the late supermodel Teri Spencer, who died in the pilot episode. Models Inc. ended on a cliffhanger which left many storylines unresolved, but an alternate ending featuring a character's death and Hillary shutting down the agency aired only in Europe.

Models Inc. has not received a home video release since it initially aired on television, but most of the series (with the exception of two episodes) has been uploaded to Dailymotion.


Episode Name Status
Pilot Found

Part 1 Part 2

Be My, Be My Baby Found
It'll Never Happen Again and Again and Again Found
Skin Deep Found
Strictly Business Found
When Girls Collide Found
Nothing Is as It Seems Found
Meltdown Found
Old Models Never Die Found
Good Girls Finish Last Found
Ultimatums Are Us Found
Ghosts Found
In Models We Trust Lost
Love and War Found
Clash of the Super Vixens Lost
Look Who's Stalking Found
Blind By Love Found
Til Death Do Us Part Found
Bad Moon Rising Found
Of Models And Men Found
Out of Control Found
Grayson Inc. Found
Men Don't Leave Found
Bring The Family Found
Really Big Problems Found
Adam's Family Values Found
By Crook or By Hook Found
Exposure Found
Sometimes a Great Commotion Found
Alternate Ending Found

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