Mojacko (lost English dub of anime series; 2013)

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Normal Mojacko 28129.jpg

A flyer for the anime.

Status: Lost

Mojacko is a manga series created by the author duo Fujiko F. Fujio, who also created Doraemon, Ninja Hattori-Kun and other popular anime and manga series. An anime adaption premiered on October 3, 1995, and ran until March 31, 1997, with a total of 74 episodes. The series is about a student who befriends two aliens.

A English dub began airing on Cartoon Network Asia on February 24, 2013. The opening and ending titles of Mojacko had been slightly shortened. It was aired as two Japanese episodes back-to-back, and the eyecatcher was removed although it could be seen in a split-second. The preview for next episode was also included at the end of each broadcast. Nothing of this English dub has appeared on the internet.