Monster By Mistake! (partially found CGI animated series; 1999-2006)

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Monster By Mistake was a French-Canadian animated cartoon series that was broadcasted on YTV from 1999 to 2006. The plot of the series is siblings Warren and Tracey finding a spell book, which Tracey uses to accidentally transform Warren into a monster whenever he sneezes. When he sneezes again, he turns back into Warren. There is also a ghost who lives in the attic, who phases through doors to get into rooms, and who appears to be the spirit of a stereotypical 1950's gangster.

Information on the episodes are hard to come by except for a small synopsis on each episode on

Only 3 episodes have been uploaded to the internet, with the rest of the 52 episodes being lost. A few episodes have been released on DVD in 2004 by Genius Products, however.

1/29/2016 EDIT: 7 more episodes have been found! They have been uploaded to YouTube by user William McGinn. Mind you, the episodes were recorded using a camera, but it's nice to have them.