Mr. Bean - Japanese television interview (lost footage of TV comedy skit; 1999)

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The Story of Mr. Bean, in which clips of a couple of Mr. Bean's interviews, possibly including this one, are briefly shown.

Part of the wide appeal in British and international sensation Mr. Bean is his use of minimal use language and extreme visual humur, and this is what makes him so popular in many other countries besides Britian. This also results in many interviews with him in places outside of the UK, one of which aired exclusively on Japanese television in 1999. This had the character arriving to Japanese television for the interview and acting his usual self, which means instead of embracing the culture, he instead childishly embarrasses himself by sticking chopsticks up his nose and falsely translating the Japanese language (among other things). This continues up to the point where he is escorted off set and told never to return to Japan.

The only thing remnant of the interview at the moment are a couple of clips from various interviews with Mr. Bean briefly shown in the documentary The Story of Mr. Bean - The life of Rowan Atkinson, one of which may come from this.