Mr. Squiggle (partially lost Australian puppet TV series; 1959-1999)

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Mr. Squiggle

Status: Partially Lost

Mr. Squiggle, also known as Mr. Squiggle and Friends, is an Australian puppet TV series that aired from July 1, 1959 to July 7, 1999. It was first a short series on ABC's Children's TV Club and then moved to its own show.

The show aired in various formats, from five minute slots to 30-minute segments during the 40 years of its broadcast. It is one of the most popular Australian children's programs and toured around Australia to entertain several generations.

Though being very popular and being one of the longest running Australian TV programs, many episodes are lost.

It had a few DVD and VHS releases, but those are rare and hard to come by online. However, there are a few clips & episodes around on YouTube.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Mr. Squiggle is an alien from the moon that comes to Earth to draw upside drawings.

Kids will send in "Squiggles" and Mr. Squiggle will come to finish the drawings. What Mr. Squiggle will do is he'll draw on these drawings in different angles and make up a new drawing out of the existing drawing.

The show will also put in some jokes and messages for the kids who watched it.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode 1 of Mr. Squiggle.
Episode 2 of Mr. Squiggle.
Episode 3 of Mr. Squiggle.
Episode 4 of Mr. Squiggle.
Episode 5 of Mr. Squiggle.
Episode 6 of Mr. Squiggle.
An episode of Mr. Squiggle.
A viewer drawing episode.
An episode where Gus knocks himself out.
First episode from "The Moon" series.
Episode 11 of "The Cruise" series.
Episode 2 of "The Moon" series.
1998 episode "Stowaway".
Episode 3 from "The Moon" series.
An episode from "The Cruise" series.
Episode 4 from "The Cruise" series.
Episode 8 from "The Cruise" series.
Episode 3 of "The Cruise" series.
An episode named "Postcards".
An episode of Mr. Squiggle.

Clips[edit | edit source]

A Clip where its Mr Squiggle's birthday.
Clip Episode 12 (Part 1).
Clip from episode 6 (shows black board.)
A clip from an episode (unknown number).
A clip from an episode (unknown number).
A clip from an episode (unknown number).
A clip named "Bill the Steam Shovel".
A clip named "Hurry Up".
A clip named "Gus the Snail & Roxanne".
A clip named "Blackboard Arrives".
A clip from an episode (number unknown).
A clip from an episode.
A clip from an episode.

Documentary[edit | edit source]

A documentary on Mr Squiggle.

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