Nick Arcade (partially lost Nickelodeon game show; 1992)

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Nickelodeon Arcade Logo.png

The show's logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Nick Arcade is a 1990s Nickelodeon game show that premiered on January 4, 1992, and ended on November 6, 1992. The show involves two teams who are competing to enter the Video Zone to face the challenge of the Game Wizard. In order to enter, each team must earn the highest points. Most of it involves moving Mikey on the screen board, as he lands in a square that uncovers certain events. Such as answering trivia questions (mostly relating to video games), winning bonus prizes, or given a "Video Challenge". The Video Challenge allows one of the teams to play a classic video game of their selection. Nick Arcade took some inspiration of video game based game shows such as Starcade and Video Power.

Reruns aired on Nickelodeon until September 28, 1997, with alternate sponsorship plugs during those final airings. After that, the show started airing reruns on Nick GAS. The show lasted a total of 2 seasons, with 84 episodes total. While Nick GAS aired most of the episodes, there are 20 episodes that the network has not aired. One of those episodes were released on iTunes, and another was posted on TurboNick. Another five episodes were uncovered through VHS recordings from some of the 90s Nickelodeon airings. This leaves a total of 13 episodes that have yet to be recovered. Due to the rarity of these missing episodes, the only way they will likely be shown to the public again is either through a VHS recording or studio copy, a TV airing on NickSplat, or through a commercial release on iTunes or DVD.

Clips from some of the missing episodes, however, are shown on Enthlevel's YouTube channel, a channel run by Phil Moore designed to fund his (failed) Kickstarter for a Nick Arcade successor using modern virtual reality technology.

Known Missing Episodes [1]

Due to the rarity of the missing episodes, some of them don't have any detail at all. But here is the known information to some of the missing episodes.

Season 1

  • Shakir & Alisa VS Kevin & Kerri: Star Defenders is the opening tossup. Rounds of Deep Space and Planet X. Video games shown are Turrican, Parasol Stars, Gaiares, Alpha Mission 2, and Battletoads. Video Zone challenge includes Alien Moon Base, Mind Maze, and Scorchia.
  • Calvin & Katie VS Mark & Cheryl. Nothing else is known other than the title.
  • One audience member saw an episode taped on November 29, 1991, with an airdate of May 2, 1992.

Season 2


Enthlevel video showing clips from the missing episodes.
Another Enthlevel video. A clip from one of the missing episodes is shown at the end.