Nick Studio 10 (partially found Nickelodeon programming block; 2013)

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Nick Studio 10 logo.

Status: Partially Found


Nick Studio 10 was a programming block that ran from February 18th, 2013 to June 17, 2013. The series revolved around skits acted out by Nickelodeon actors, inside of the Nickelodeon Headquarters.


The series was heavily critiqued immediately upon it's release. Audience members found the series to be low-quality due to most finding the show to be unfunny, as well as interrupting other Nickelodeon shows with short clips.

TV Show

Most episodes that are currently found were uploaded during the show's original run. However, after the show's cancellation, almost all episodes have stopped being uploaded since then.


Part 1 of an episode of Nick Studio 10.
Part 2 of an episode of Nick Studio 10.


There are a small handful of interruptions available online. Unfortunately, almost all of which are in low quality.

Nick Studio 10 Interruption #1.
Nick Studio 10 Interruption #2.
Nick Studio 10 Interruption #3.
Nick Studio 10 Interruption #4.