Nickelodeon Blimp (found Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards short; 2005-2007)

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Nickelodeon Blimp.png

One of two only known screenshots of the short, Nickelodeon Blimp

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Jun '19

Found by: DeathGaming

Nickelodeon Blimp is a lost short made by Nickelodeon. The short premiered on April 2, 2005. It was originally created for commercial breaks at the 2005 Kids' Choice Awards; however, the short was allegedly rebroadcasted for the 2007 Kids' Choice Awards. It was extremely hard to come by until June 1, 2019, when YouTube user DeathGaming uploaded it to his YouTube channel, pulling it out of Nickelodeon limbo.


SpongeBob SquarePants and Gary the Snail are walking down the street when an orange blimp falls from the sky. SpongeBob gets excited, but then asks Gary, "What's a blimp?"


Kids' Choice Awards 2015 bumper featuring a clip of the short (~0:16)
Alternate audio
The found short.

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