Nickelodeon Studios Opening Day Celebration (found live broadcast of Nickelodeon event; 1990)

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The special's title screen, taken from the surviving initial hour of footage.

Status: Partially found

Airing for the first and only time on the 7th of June, 1990, on Nickelodeon, was a special 3 hour live unveiling of Nickelodeon Studios (a then-new amusement park/recording studio) at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, aptly titled Nickelodeon Studios Opening Day Celebration; it was hosted by a collective of Nickelodeon personalities including Double Dare host Marc Summers.

From 5PM through 8PM, the special showcased the studio's attractions (including some of those from Universal Studios) and was interspersed with celebrity appearances (from the likes of Bill Cosby, Steven Spielberg and Will Wheaton), games, pre-recorded skits and musical performances from acts such as teen R&B trio Perfect Gentlemen, girl group The Cover Girls and hip-hop duo Kid 'n Play.

Of the 3 hours of footage, only the first hour has surfaced online, via an incomplete VHS recording made during the broadcast.

Nickelodeon Studios was officially closed on April 30, 2005 due to an unfortunate combination of dwindling popularity, lack of creative talent and damages from hurricanes.