Nintendo 64 Disk Drive (partially found unreleased video games for Nintendo 64 add-on; late 1990s-early 2000s)

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The Nintendo 64DD was a failed disk drive add-on for the Nintendo 64. Its failure was mostly because it was more expensive than alternatives, such as the Xbox or the Playstation. There were multiple games planned for the 64DD before its failure caused their cancellation.

Cabbage[edit | edit source]

Cabbage was the codename of an unfinished game that was being developed by Shigesato Itoi, Tsunekazu Ishihara, and Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo. The game would have been similar to the at-the-time popular Tamagotchi, where the player would take care of an unspecified creature, even using the N64DD's internal clock to keep the in-game world running even when the system was turned off, meaning the creature could have changed in the player's absence. The creature was also planned to be transferable to a Game Boy to take care of it when not home, and be shared with friends. Cabbage was meant to be revealed and playable at Space World 2000, but this wasn't the case, and it was eventually cancelled.

Desert Island 64[edit | edit source]

A simulation RPG where the player had to survive on a desert island. It would have featured many flora and fauna to interact with. The gameplay was supposed to be a mix of platforming, survival, and life simulation. It was even a feature to cultivate the land and raise animals to give rise to a civilization. However, the game was never completed.

Famicom Classics Vol. 1[edit | edit source]

As can be guessed by the title, Famicom Classics Vol. 1 was going to be a collection of Famicom/NES games. A second volume was never planned.

Fire Emblem: Maiden of Darkness[edit | edit source]

Was originally going to be the sixth game in the Fire Emblem series, was reworked into Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals for the Game Boy Advance.