Noël chez Bugs Bunny & Opération Bugs Bunny (found French live-action/animated Christmas TV special; 1997)

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Operation bugs bunny.jpg

Screencap of the title screen.

Status: Lost

Opération Bugs Bunny is a Christmas TV special that was originally aired on French channel France 2, on 24th December of 1997. It was directed by Michel Hassan.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Santa Claus is depressed and refuses to give away gifts as he usually does. Bugs Bunny is charged with finding him and cheering him up back into his job, including showing him some of his own old cartoons.

Cast[edit | edit source]

The late Michel Galabru plays Santa Claus.

Portuguese-Belgian singer Lio is credited as "Bugs Bunny's girlfriend", although it seems unlikely she is meant to portray Lola Bunny.

Other celebrities appear, such as Canadian stand-up comedian Gad Elmaleh and French singer/comedian Richard Gotainer.

Bugs Bunny himself has been described as being CGI-animated. It is possible this aesthetic choice - and the basic idea of the special itself - was influenced by the movie Space Jam that came out in France in 1997 (in which Bugs Bunny as a cartoon appears alongside live-action humans).

Gérard Surugue, who usually does the French dub of Bugs Bunny, reprises his audio role in this special. Strangely, Dutch actress Tamar Baruch has also been credited as Bugs Bunny. It seems likely she was motion-capturing a CGI build of Bugs Bunny, in a way similar to virtual TV people such as Cléo from Cyber Flash.

Loss[edit | edit source]

The special seems to have only aired once and there is no easily accessible footage to this day.

It seems some of this footage used to be on the video-sharing website However, has been bought by TF1 and its videos are no longer available.

Only a screencap of the title screen remains to this day.

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