No Sex Allowed (partially found Milo Turk EP; 2007)

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Milo Turk No Sex Allowed.jpeg

An image of the disc for Milo Turk's "No Sex Allowed" EP, attached to both the MySpace page and Spotify album art

Status: Partially found

Comment: One song on the EP has been partially archived.

On the first episode of season 7 of reality competition show American Idol, there was a man known as Milo Turk who auditioned with an original song called "No Sex Allowed." Although he was disqualified for being above the show's age limit for contestants, the song became well known across the internet. Unbeknownst to most, Turk had previously released an EP the previous year in 2007 under the same name.

The "No Sex Allowed" EP is listed both on Milo Turk's MySpace account and on Spotify. Several of the tracks were at one point streamable on MySpace, including an incomplete version of "No Sex Allowed" missing the last 30 seconds, and "Desperado D" in its entirety. Only "No Sex Allowed" has been archived from the MySpace page, uploaded to YouTube on the account Copy Weird, and the links to play the songs either don't work anymore or lead to YouTube links of different versions of the title song.

Track Listing

  1. "No Sex Allowed" (3:01, partially found)
  2. "Desperado D" (7:48, lost)
  3. "A Girl With Prose" (2:41, lost)
  4. "The Lord In Your Heart" (3:11, lost)
  5. "Misinterpretation" (4:24, lost)
  6. "Chinese Buffet" (2:30, lost)

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