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<gallery mode=packed heights=175px>
<gallery mode=packed heights=175px>
Watergames!.png|A low-quality screenshot of "Water Games!".
Oobi-Worm-short.jpg|A screenshot of "Worm!".
Guess!.jpg|A screenshot of "Guess!".
Oobi-Hide-Seek-short.jpg|A screenshot of "Hide and Seek!".
Painting!.jpg|A low-quality screenshot of "Painting!".
Painting!.jpg|A low-quality screenshot of "Painting!".

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A scene from the intro used for Noggin airings.

Status: Partially Found

The Nick Jr. show Oobi began as a series of two-minute interstitial shorts featuring the same characters.[1] These shorts were billed as Noggin Presents: Oobi and aired during commercial breaks on Noggin and Nickelodeon, beginning in 2000. They were shown regularly until April 2003, when the first season of half-hour Oobi episodes premiered. Nickelodeon stopped airing the shorts altogether on their main network, but sparse airings continued on Noggin until 2007.

The half-hour series is widely distributed; all of its episodes have been released by Nickelodeon in "Complete Series" collections on Amazon Video and YouTube. However, the full set of shorts hasn't seen an official release. Some of them have been found in home-recorded tapes of Noggin and Nick Jr., but most are not currently available online.


In the United States, the shorts were shown on Noggin and Nickelodeon during its Nick Jr. block. Like its other interstitial programming, Nickelodeon had no specific schedule for airing them and played the shorts at random intervals. On Noggin, one short was played before each 30-minute show from 6 AM to 6 PM.[2] After the full episodes started airing on April 7th, 2003, Noggin stopped airing the shorts as frequently and adopted the same randomized schedule as Nick Jr.

In Canada, TVOntario aired 46 of the shorts on a rotating schedule.[3] TVO's schedule catalogues are the source of official titles for many of the shorts. However, some of them ("Itsy Bitsy Spider!" and "Toys!") don't appear at all on their schedules, indicating that TVO didn't air the complete collection.


Shortened versions of "Dance!" and "Bubble Bath!" were released on Nick Jr. DVDs from 2003 to 2004, but that was it in terms of official releases. 48 shorts are confirmed to exist, but it is unknown how many were made in total.


# Episode Title Status Notes
1 "Dance!" Partially Lost The ending is missing.
2 "Tag!" Lost
3 "Flush!" Found
4 "On and Off!" Lost
5 "Share Pretzels!" Found
6 "Watermelon!" Partially Found The last 10 seconds only.
7 "Soup!" Partially Found Clips of this short are featured in the intro sequence.
8 "Hot Dog and Ketchup!" Lost
9 "Prince Oobi!" Found
10 "Bubbles!" Partially Found The last 15 seconds only.
11 "Empty and Full!" Found
12 "Popcorn!" Found
13 "Worm!" Partially Found A clip of this short is featured in the intro sequence.
14 "Apple Picking!" Found
15 "Pretend Wind!" Lost
16 "Tea!" Found
17 "Ice Cream!" Lost
18 "Water Games!" Found
19 "Guess!" Lost
20 "Bird!" Partially Lost The first few seconds are missing.
21 "Cat!" Lost
22 "Puppy!" Lost
23 "Animal Cookies!" Found
24 "Slide!" Partially Found A clip of this short is featured in a promo.
25 "Follow the Leader!" Partially Lost The first few seconds are missing.
26 "Peekaboo!" Found
27 "Dig!" Lost
28 "Hide and Seek!" Partially Found A clip of this short is featured in the intro sequence.
29 "Nature!" Partially Found A clip of this short is featured in a promo.
30 "Pretend Catch!" Found
31 "Music!" Found
32 "Guitar!" Partially Found A clip of this short is featured in a promo.
33 "Bongo Drums!" Found
34 "Quiet Read!" Found Low-quality.
35 "Clap Hands!" Found
36 "Painting!" Lost
37 "Macaroni Jewelry!" Found
38 "Paint Shapes!" Lost
39 "Pinch Pot!" Partially Found A clip of this short is featured in the intro sequence.
40 "Drawing Game!" Found
41 "Neighborhood Art!" Lost
42 "Toothpaste!" Found Low-quality.
43 "Feelings!" Found
44 "Cake!" Lost
45 "Wet and Dry!" Lost
46 "Bubble Bath!" Found
47 "Itsy Bitsy Spider!" Found
48 "Toys!" Found

Photo Gallery


Production Photo


The intro sequence, which contains clips from some of the lost shorts.
A musical Noggin commercial, which contains a short clip from "Guitar!".
A musical Noggin commercial, which contains clips from "Nature!" and "Slide!".
Promos for the Noggin website, one of which contains a clip from "Dance!"'s missing scene.

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